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The days of the B2B marketing funnel being a linear process that neatly fits into traditional marketing models taught at university are long gone. Today, buyers hold the reins, and they're well aware of it. As a brand, your task is to do everything in your power to stay top-of-mind whenever they're ready to make a purchase decision—not rely on your sales team's cold calls or generic outbound emails. It's a challenging and demanding task, but it's also fun and exciting. I'm here to support you through every step of this journey, collaborating closely to achieve our goals together.

With over 10+ years of B2B Marketing experience, I have gathered extensive knowledge of the B2B marketing space, working my way up from Marcom Specialist to VP of Marketing. As Fractional Marketing Lead, I am now able to help more B2B organizations accelerate growth by turning creative ideas into pipeline. Sander as a Service (SaaS) is what I like to call it.

Experienced B2B marketing leader at your disposal

I’m not just a manager who creates playbooks, looks at dashboards, and tells others what to do. On the contrary, I love to work as part of the marketing team, collaborate to get things done, and generally make sales easier. From writing engaging web copy to interviewing customers for case studies, and from setting up webinar series to running all sorts of sales enablement projects, I’m usually all over the marketing spider web when I’m not fighting for more marketing budget in the management team. My skills summed up:

Pricing Overview

To prioritize our focus on marketing projects instead of exchanging quotes back and forth, I've created a clear pricing model to provide you with a general idea of my hourly rates.

< 8 hours per week: €125,00 per hour.
8 - 16 hours per week: €120,00 per hour.
17 - 25 hours per week: €115,00 per hour.
25 > hours per week: €110,00 per hour.

Prices may vary based on specific project needs.


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Top 3 Marketing Leader at the SaaS Awards NL
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Contributing writer for Frankwatching, the leading marketing media platform in the Netherlands, on B2B Marketing Strategy.

Don't take my word for it

I understand you might think: “It’s no surprise that a marketer can market himself, but what do others say about working with Sander?”. Say no more, here are some quotes to convince you that I actually deliver on what I promise:

“Working with Sander was a true pleasure. His blend of creativity, dedication, and top-notch management skills make him an outstanding Marketing Leader. He's a perfect fit for any SAAS startup or scaling company, and he's also a fantastic colleague. Sander effortlessly combines strategic thinking with hands-on involvement, and his knack for blending creativity with analytics is impressive. He'd be a tremendous asset to any company seeking a dynamic marketing leader.”

Roel Jansen

Co-founder Usabilla & CCO at

“Sander truly understands what needs to be done to make sales easier and has a strong record of crafting impactful sales enablement campaigns that drive pipeline growth. From ABM campaigns and sales one-pagers to engaging webinars, he always delivers impactful content and campaigns.”

Martijn Terpstra

Founder FRANQ

“Sander’s drive to deliver, high level of creativity, close eye for detail, solid stage presence, customer-first focus, and studious attitude made him a stronghold in the team. What I mostly envy is his born talent to connect. With colleagues, customers, vendors, partners, you name it.”

Michiel Schouten

Head of Marketing at Foleon

“Sander is an outstanding marketeer. I've had the privilege of working with him for the past 3 years, and I can definitely say he is amazing at what he does. He is always very committed and engaged. His strengths are creativity, hard work, and being a great team member. You can always trust his word, and he always goes the extra mile."

Ruben Wieman

Founder Oneteam

“It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Sander as my VP of Marketing, but mostly a devoted and passionate colleague. I don't think I've ever met anyone with better people skills. Sander has the magical ability to make everyone work together as one team, even when times are tough. He always spots an opportunity to improve the MKT strategy, messaging, or channels. Not afraid to experiment and try new things for better results. He knows how to pave the way to success, but is overall an amazing teammate. I hope our paths will cross again in the future!”

Emma Haasnoot

Demand Generation Manager at

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